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Join our global community. Together we are building a more sustainable fashion industry.

We have designed Club membership to support our students all year round. This is the best value for learners who want to access all the Academy goodness and get direct access to our founder, Clare Press.

Club is a subscription and lasts 12 months. You can pay monthly, or with a one-off upfront payment.  

Club member benefits are as follows:

  • Unlock the "Sustainable Fashion 101" course instantly.
  • Optimise your learning experience with access to new courses as they land, starting with -  "Sustainability for Small Business & Conscious Creatives" on February 17, 2022! A third course, "Co-Create with Artisans", is coming soon (May 2022). While you are subscribed you can access published material, any time.
  • Interact with fellow passionate community members through live monthly Community Calls hosted by Clare (starts January). 
  • Receive links to watch back Community Calls if you can't make the dates.
  • Access the private Academy Facebook group. 


Single courses are still available to pre-order & buy as one-offs. Want more? Club members unlock access to all our published content. Subscribe now for instant access to Sustainable Fashion 101. Sustainability for Small Biz lands February 17, 2022! But wait, there's more... Co-Create is coming soon - April / May 2022.


Practical stuff & need-to-knows

  • "How does the membership work?"

    Membership is the most cost effective way to access all our courses, plus Club includes monthly live community calls and direct access to our instructors. Not for you? Don't worry - you will still be able to purchase single courses.

  • "When can I sign up for the Club Membership?"

    From now! Subscribe to become a member today & you will unlock instant access to Sustainable Fashion 101! We'll notify you when our next course drops on February 17, 2022. If you've previously studied with us (and completed or are currently working through 101) you can still join Club to access future courses and join our monthly Community Calls.

  • "Why should I sign up to membership instead of enrolling a single course?"

    Club membership offers the best value. Single course access is now limited to 3 months after you enrol. With Club, you extend that access to 12 months, plus you can study our other courses too at no extra cost, and take your time with these too. Plus join our monthly community calls. It's so much fun.

  • "What happens after the year ends?"

    We'll get in touch and let you know 1 month out that your membership is expiring. If you choose to continue being a member of our community, we'll be thrilled, obvs, but there's zero obligation. For many people, a 12 month learning journey is enough. For others, they want to stay and grow with us as we add more courses, events and mentoring. We have big plans!

  • "Are community calls included in the membership?"

    Yes! We got such fab feedback from our live lessons and pay-as-you-go Community Calls through 2021, we knew we had to make monthly calls part of our membership bundle. If you miss a month, you'll receive links watch on replay!

  • "Can I be studying more than one course at the time?"

    Yes. You'll be able to access all of the courses and study them at your own pace. However, from experience, we reckon it's best not to try to do too much all at once. We recommend you study them one after another. That said, it will ultimately depend on your personal schedule and how much you can handle at once.

  • "Will I get a qualification out of these courses?"

    No. These courses are not equivalent to a degree course and you won't receive a formal qualification. But you can download a Wardrobe Crisis Academy certificate for each course when you "graduate" (complete the course) - and you should be proud of your achievement!

  • "What are the payment options? And can I subscribe but cancel after a couple of months?

    We've set up two separate payment options to give you flexible choices: you can either pay the full fee of $240 USD in one payment upfront. Or pay instalments of $20 USD monthly for a year. Subscriptions are for 12 months, either way. We don't allow cancellation after a couple of months - because we have to be sustainable as a business too. It's incredible value to access multiple courses at this price, and it wouldn't be fair to pay 40 bucks & churn through them in a couple of months then disappear, would it?

  • "Who can I expect to learn from?"

    Clare Press is joined by experts in the field of sustainability across all courses available on the Academy. Karishma Singh Kelsey will be leading the Academy's third course, Co-create with Artisans, to be launched in April / May of 2022. Watch this space for more news. We've already recorded the main videos, and it's going to be terrific!


Study with the best!

Course Leader

Clare Press

Clare Press is the founder of WARDROBE CRISIS. A Sydney-based sustainable fashion podcaster, journalist, author and presenter, she was the first ever Vogue sustainability editor. She hosts the popular Wardrobe Crisis podcast and co-hosts the UN's Ethical Fashion podcast. Clare is obsessed with sustainability and has spent the past 7 years researching it from every possible angle. She is so glad you are here!

Course Leader

Karishma Singh Kelsey

Karishma Singh Kelsey is a social justice entrepreneur, educator and advocate of ethical trade. Karishma is driven by the need for equitable world systems. Through her own social justive enterprise Karishma created opportunities for social economic empowerment of previously disadvantaged communities using fair trade practices in Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and now India by building trusting relationships with artisans and communities, one community at a time. Karishma rounds off her work by working with secondary and tertiary students as a teacher of sustainable entrepreneurship and design.